Reverend Winfred Tillman

Reverend Winfred Tillman is a devoted husband to his wife Daisy Tillman and together they have 5 adult children. Reverend Tillman is part of a dynamic ministerial team and Faith CME Church in Charlotte, NC. He loves the word of God and has studied at Liberty University and is currently studying Christian Counseling at Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary.

Reverend Tillman believes that we are blessed to be a blessing and enjoys serving the community at the direction his pastor Reverend Dr. Sandra Gripper and through the charitable ministries at Faith CME Church. As an ordained minister of the gospel, who works for the Department of Public Safety, Reverend Tillman often counsels those offenders who are seeking to learn about Christ and his gift of salvation.

Reverend Tillman’s motto is “Stop chasing and start seeking.” It is written in the book of Matthew 6:13 that we should seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto us. Therefore, he has learned to stop chasing after the things the world has to offer, and instead he seeks God who provides all his needs.