The American Heart Association Presents Our Health Education Series

Getting Acitve - Understanding and Utilizing Activity Guidelines Get Excited! Your health is our priority. Join Faith CME Church of God’s health education series workshops. The fourth series will be Monday, April 25th at 7:00 via zoom.

Church Picnic & Food Drive

Faith family and friends, join us for the One Faith Church Pinic and Food Drive at Faith CME Church 457 Wellingford St. Sign up at

Youth & Young Adult Revival

Faith CME Church will host the Youth & Young Adult 2-Day Revival. Pastor Theo Schaffer will be the speaker on Thursday, February 1st, and Minister Justin Wade will speak on Friday, February 2nd, to close the revival.

Stonebridge Church and Faith Cookout

There will be a joint cookout with Stonebridge Church and Faith is responsible for bringing chicken.  There will be a signup sheet on the bulletin board, and we are asking those that can sign up to bring chicken.   

Go Red 

Please wear Red if you have it.  Also, if you want a person recognized that is living with heart disease or is no longer with us, please submit their name to Rev. Reid by Sunday February 4th.  Due to privacy reasons, names that are not submitted will not be stated.